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Lychee is a strange looking fruit. At first glance it may seem like you need a nut cracker to open this fruit, but the looks are deceiving. You can simply open this fruit by pressing inward with your thumbs. Inside you will juicy white edible meat . You can squeeze it into you mouth. But […]


Coconut  one of the best known tropical fruits. A fresh coconut can be cut opened from the top and sipped with a straw. The coconuts generally found in the produce section are brown because the outer husk of the coconut has been removed when they mature. When you crack open a mature coconut the meaty […]

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is unique in its look and taste. Looks like round eggs and has a sweet tart taste . When you cut in half an edible yellow pulp is revealed . The pulp can be spooned out an eaten as is , you can top your ice cream, and use it as a unique […]

Cactus Pear

Cactus pear also known as prickly pear because it resembles an actual cactus plant. It is filled  with edible  seeds. Cactus pear has similar tastes of a melon. You must cut it in half and scoop out the pulp with a spoon. The pulp can be used in drinks and sauces or topping on ice […]

Ripe Plantains

Ripe plantains are a great snack.

Pepino Melon

Pepino Melon are small egg shaped melon with stripes . This melon is very sweet and , has the flavor of a cantaloupe and a honeydew. Try wrapping pepino melon in prosciutto  for a twist on the classic melon and prosciutto. Sprinkle lime juice on pepino melons brings out its flavor.


Pummelo also known as Shaddock is an ancestor of grapefruit. It can be easily recognized by its large size and thick skin. Pummelo can be red or white inside. It can be eaten as is or added to salads. Rich in Vitamin C.


Stars in the Produce aisle..

Korean Pears

Korean pears are a thin skinned pear . These pears have a small core so therefore you get more flesh with every bite. You can enjoy it all by itself or serve with Brie or your favorite cheese. It is an excellent complement to spinach salad. Available from November to March. The best Korean Pears […]

Buddha Hand

This Alien-like shaped fruit looks scary at first glance, but it is a great fruit. Buddha’s Hand is part of the citrus  family. It is used as a zest or any recipe that calls for lemon. If you wiggle Buddha’s fingers  it will emit a fresh lemon scent. So don’t be afraid to try Buddha’s Hand . […]

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