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Pummelo also known as Shaddock is an ancestor of grapefruit. It can be easily recognized by its large size and thick skin. Pummelo can be red or white inside. It can be eaten as is or added to salads. Rich in Vitamin C.

Blood Oranges

Blood orange is a variety of the popular citrus fruit named for its deep red or crimson-colored flesh. The red color is derived from anthocyanin, a pigment typically found in red fruits and flowers. Blood oranges are sweet, juicy and less acidic than other orange varieties.  They are in season from Dec. to May.  Blood […]

Buddha Hand

This Alien-like shaped fruit looks scary at first glance, but it is a great fruit. Buddha’s Hand is part of the citrus  family. It is used as a zest or any recipe that calls for lemon. If you wiggle Buddha’s fingers  it will emit a fresh lemon scent. So don’t be afraid to try Buddha’s Hand . […]

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