Portabella Mushrooms

Baby bella mushrooms

Baby bella mushrooms

Baby Portablla mushrooms are a great addition to your recipes.

Pinata Apples

Pinata apples are crisp and juicy. They have  a unique tropical taste. They have an inviting appearance  of a golden and red delicious apple . This apples is one of our favorites. Pinata apples can be used in salads, sauces, baking,poaching and great frozen for a great snack.

Crisp and Juicy

Crisp and juicy !

Pepino Melon

Pepino Melon are small egg shaped melon with stripes . This melon is very sweet and , has the flavor of a cantaloupe and a honeydew. Try wrapping pepino melon in prosciutto  for a twist on the classic melon and prosciutto. Sprinkle lime juice on pepino melons brings out its flavor.

Pepino Melon So Sweet

Pepino Melon So Sweet

Poblano Peppers

This dark green Chile pepper is of medium heat.They are the perfect snack for all events. Poblano peppers are great stuffed with your favorite chesse.

Great stuffed with cheese

Great stuffed with cheese

Kambucha Juice

Kombucha juice . Kombucha, a Chinese tea that provides probiotics. It is a healthy juice that rejuvenates the body. It can be found at Whole Foods and the Food Emporium stores.

Kambucha Cranberry Juice

Kambucha Cranberry Juice

Habanero Peppers

If you want to heat  things up, use a Habenero  Pepper. It is the hottest  pepper in the world. It will spice up any recipe. So wash hands after handling this pepper . It can be used in sauces, marinades and seafood.


Hottest pepper in the world

Fresh Express Gourmet Cafe Salads

cafe saladFresh  Express Salad has a few varieties of on the go salads. These ready to eat salads contain all the ingredients and comes with a fork/tong aka “forksticks”

. Take the top off combine the ingredients in the bowl and wahla!!! you have a great salad in seconds.  They are great tasting salads that you can take to your office for lunch.

Fruit 2day juices

Fruit 2day Fruit 2day is a great tasting juice. It contains  real pineapple bits . Its like drinking a  fresh pineapple.

French beans

New Pics 024

Steam in microwave

These french beans are easy to prepare . They  are packaged in a microwavable bag. Add garlic and butter for the perfect addition to any meal.


Pummelo also known as Shaddock is an ancestor of grapefruit. It can be easily recognized by its large size and thick skin. Pummelo can be red or white inside. It can be eaten as is or added to salads. Rich in Vitamin C.

Great source of Vitamin C

Great source of Vitamin C

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